Broadcast And Digital Media Convention
West Africa 2024

Collocated with: 1st Annual National Conference Of The Society Of Nigerian Broadcasters (SNB)

14 - 15 August 2024

Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja - Nigeria

West- Africa's Broadcasters Convention

This event, a planned two-day conference, will host national and international professional broadcasters, scholars, regulatory agencies, civil society activists, new media activists, media managers, policymakers, lawmakers, legal experts, broadcast content consumers, advertisers, and all relevant stakeholders in and out of the broadcasting industry.




Key Themes And Topics

Through a mixture of innovative presentations, executive sessions, group
discussions and country updates, key themes and topics for this summit will

✔ Managing the impact of digitisation on public service broadcasting

✔ Local content, channels and programmes for the digital ecosystem

✔ Digital-enabled radio and sound broadcasting

✔ Universal delivery of fully digital broadcasting media services

✔ Regulatory regimes for a converged world

Reason To Attend!

Gain valuable insights into market trends, audience behaviours, and industry forecasts that can inform your business strategies and decision-making.

Explore the latest tools, equipment, and technologies in the industry, gaining firsthand experience with cutting-edge solutions.

Get updated on the latest trends, innovations, and developments in the sector through illuminating keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops

Grow and develop your industry career at the only industry event focused on broadcast media development in Africa!

Learn about successful case studies regarding the operations and management of digital broadcast stations and organisation

Learn effective content creation strategies, storytelling techniques, and
production tips from industry experts

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